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Looking to sell Tiffany & Co. jewelry without box and papers?

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Looking to sell Tiffany & Co. jewelry without box and papers?

April 20, 2020

Reliveclassic Diamonds is here to help. As leading online buyers of designer jewelry, diamond jewelry and luxury watches, we buy your valuables outright and in as little as 24 hours. Whether you have the original box and papers or not, we can provide honest and accurate price ranges and a transparent service. Whenever you are looking to sell pre-owned jewelry, the first step is to gather any information that you have about your jewelry. This includes any box and papers that came with the jewelry at the time that it was purchased. However, sometimes things get lost or misplaced over time.

If you are looking to sell Tiffany & Co jewelry without box and papers, here are some questions that may be asking yourself:

What are the Tiffany box and papers?
Why are they important?
Does selling jewelry without the box and papers affect the price?
What should I do if I don’t have the original box and papers?
Where can I sell my Tiffany & Co jewelry without box and papers?
how to sell tiffany & co jewelry without box and papers

Renowned for their iconic little blue boxes, Tiffany is a luxury jeweler that has made a mark with their strong branding. When it comes to selling Tiffany jewelry, the box and papers add value to your piece. These can include:

The presentation box
The warranty card
A certificate of authenticity
An information booklet
Note: The condition of the box and papers is also important, it must be legible and in good condition to be of value.

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